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Heads up: Due to a private event, Andy B's OKC will be closed from 4:00–8:30PM this Thursday, July 18.

Andy B’s Bowl Social adds the fun to Rayzor Ranch Town Center


Close your eyes and imagine − It’s a Friday evening, the kids are hungry, you are hungry (and probably need a beer) and, because it’s Friday, you’re itching to get the family out. After all, you deserve to celebrate another hard work week down.

So, you hop in the car, pile everyone in, and head toward Rayzor Ranch. That’s when you see it. It’s big, it’s bright, and it’s almost like the outline of this very well-lit, larger-than-life bowling pin is lassoing you in. You haven’t seen anything like it in Denton before, because it has never existed. Until now.

This feeling is more familiar now since Andy B’s Bowl Social, located in Rayzor Ranch Town Center, opened its doors.

Andy B’s is the first of its kind in Denton, and it’s not your typical bowling alley. Think modernized bowling, which means customization, high-tech features, and more dinner options than your classic nachos and Bud Light available to satisfy your taste buds.

It will live as a neighbor to the new Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center on the northern side of the city, right off Interstate 35 and US Highway 380.

The larger-than-life, strategically-designed 41,000-square-foot space will offer full-service bowling across 20 lanes − shoes, drinks, and snacks all delivered to your lane − as well as laser tag, virtual reality, and arcade games, and, yes, prizes for when you rack up points on your scannable game card. Andy B’s will also offer a full menu, featuring artisan wood-fired pizzas and signature cocktails, select wine, and local craft beers on draft.

Hailing from Springfield, MO, the family-owned and operated Andy B’s chain chose Denton for their first location in Texas because of the community − and its potential. Including the Embassy Suites next door, all of the surrounding neighborhood welcomes the new business.

Jeff Pritts, general manager at the Embassy Suites, said Andy B’s complements the Rayzor Ranch community, and it’s a strong selling point for a hotel housing Dentonites on staycations and busy travelers seeking recommendations for things to do.

It’s the first style of this model for the brand and the city. There are no other venues in Denton with this variety of activity in one convenient spot, and no bowling alleys with entertainment stages and authentic stone pizza ovens.

Andy B’s is putting a large emphasis on the digital experience of the space. There is a “gargantuan” 244 square-foot video wall made up of individual television screens − offering even more customizability. Typically, Andy B’s will show sports or entertainment programs, but guests have the opportunity to use the video wall to display company logos or slide shows for corporate or family gatherings and much more.

A half-moon bar and stage in the center of the space will further set the venue apart, making it a premier destination for entertainment throughout the week.

Andy B’s is an exciting new partner to the city of Denton as well, offering a space for groups as large as 900 to make their own celebration. Denton Convention & Visitors Bureau Director of Sales Dana Lodge couldn’t stress this enough.

“They (Andy B’s) are going to appeal to a large group of people, and it’s something we’ve probably needed in Denton for a long time,” she said. “And they’re very much wanting to be part of the community,” she added, noting the company is already a Denton Chamber of Commerce member.

The team put an additional emphasis on the food and beverage experience, as well, under the lead of corporate chef Lindsey Ritter. It’s far from your typical bowling alley menu. The pizza oven will churn out artisan style-pizzas, made fresh and in view from the dining room, signature cocktails, 16 beer taps that will feature rotations of craft beers and four offerings of wine.

The Andy B's staff are working to bring the best experience to their Denton and out-of-town guests. For them, it’s about providing everything guests need to “Live it Up,” to use Andy B’s motto, and provide the amenities and experiences guests need to have a great time.

It’s a place where a couple can come for a date night, or families can visit for a night out. It’s for everyone.

If you haven’t yet, grab a couple friends and follow the path that leads to the fluorescent red bowling pin.

This article was written by Claire Higgins and has been edited by the Andy B's team. It originally appeared in Discover Denton.

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